Sonnet VII

One day I was introduced to Cora.
A girl quite shy, quiet, cheery and sweet,
Most gentle, serene, subtle and discreet.
She was a girl with a charming aura.
Some days later, I once more saw Cora.
This time, she was direct, yet, soft and sweet,
Confident, certain and not so discreet.
There and then, she had more air than aura.
When I queried, I found to my surprise,
She was Sara, and not Cora in disguise.
After a moment, the thought trickled through,
Sara and Cora! ah! Twins! There are two!
One with an aura, the other, an air,
They were the MacKay twins, and what a pair!

02.09.95 – 02.16.95



Copyright by Minh Tan on listed dated of completion
and published in Perspectives, ISBN 0-9686250-0-2.



Notes to this poem…

On the same day I finished Sonnet VI and its sombre subject, the event in this sonnet took place while I worked to help student in the Dalhousie Chemistry Department Student Resource Centre. I had known Cora from there before Feb 9 1995, but it was on that day that I met Sara, unknowingly at first as the poem stated. I thought this little event was, both, funny and charming, and I needed to get off that sombre ride of completing Sonnet VI so badly that I set about to capture the moment in this sonnet.

It’s quite simple and I don’t think there’s much to be said about it, except that I can’t believe I finished it in a week! I see that I wrote it through Valentine’s Day as well, but it was never meant to be for amourous purposes. Mind you, writing poetry about charming maidens (plural) is good for the heart and soul during Valentine’s Day, no matter what kind of Valentine’s Day you’re having. Trust me. I know.

I did give this poem to Sara and Cora one day, while they sat in the front row of a chemistry class in the big auditorium at Dal Chem awaiting it to start. They loved it, so they told me. Last I heard, Sara was in Newfoundland while Cora was in Corpus Christie. There’s a query out in Facebook awaiting their response.

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