Charles Darwin Clerihew

Charles Darwin –
Was not the Church’s darling –
His theories of evolution
Stirred a scientific revolution




Copyright by Minh Tan on listed dated of completion
and published in Perspectives, ISBN 0-9686250-0-2.



Notes to this poem…

In this fun clerihew, the natural focus was on Darwin’s theory of evolution. However, I did not focus on its detail so much as its impact, especially on the Christian Church’s long held Biblical doctrine of creation. It not only got me writing about what I loved most about the theory, a huge discreditation of the “credibility” of the Church and some of the more supernatural claims of the Bible, but it also got me an assonance rhyme for Darwin. I didn’t have a rhyming dictionary then but I wasn’t able to find an easy rhyme for Darwin, but have always loved the rhyme between evolution and revolution, which, to me, sometimes are really just the same thing.

Now, despite what I say about the Bible here, don’t think I have a hate for it or anything, or that I don’t believe anything in it. I just think it to be more myth than history, although I don’t doubt there is a lot of history in it that has been mythologized just a bit. On a gentler scale, though seeming to be more disrespectful, I’ll even analogize the Biblical stories to be like urban legends of their day. Less stretched than myths, but less glorious sounding than myths, too, because most of it wasn’t like Greek or other ancient mythology where just about everything in them can be suspect for truth.

As for the theory of evolution, it had a profound effect on me because until then, I did not believe much in the Bible or other stories of creation from other world religion and mythology, but struggled to find anything credible to counter those “documented” claims. Suddenly, I had one and was ready to get into any argument about creation being otherwise, and more than eager because I was in my early teens when I had learned about Darwin’s theory, not too long after several years of going to a Baptist Church for learning English. They were very nice people there, don’t get me wrong, but I was getting a little sick of having creationist stories preached not to just me, but the masses who hardly seemed to harbour any doubts. In hindsight, knowing my appetite for knowledge and truth back then, it was probably good I had stopped going by then because one of those days, there might have been some major dissent from the pews on the pew of Biblical Creation being preached.


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