One Stanza Poem O071

Some say that in romance –
Flowers say it best –
But that –
At every chance –
The Poets will contest




Copyright by Minh Tan on listed dated of completion
and published in Perspectives, ISBN 0-9686250-0-2.



Notes to this poem…

This little ditty is one of my personal favourite poems I have written. It just came out of one of these odd synchronicities of events in my life where I encountered a slew of “flowers say it best” sort of messages within a few days. One was from a card. Another was from a commercial. Some TV show had something on it. I heard it on the radio. I remember these things without too much detail. There might have been other incidents as well.

Being one who didn’t give flowers for romantic purposes without a poem I wrote, and one who biasedly thought highly of romantic poets, priding himself as one, this was my response to all those “flowers say it best” messages. Certainly, had I thought so, I wouldn’t bother with the poems accompanying them.

Hey, anybody can spend a few bucks, or even a few hundred bucks, and buy some flowers. It takes a little something more special to write a sincere expression of love in a poem.

As much as I love flowers, I’d take a poem any day, no matter how bad as long as it was genuine. Sadly, my track record shows I seem to date the wrong crowd on this matter, though I haven’t had anywhere near a large enough sample size to determine how accurate this trend may be. A lot of women may say they agree with me, but I find people, men and women, overrate chivalry in value in what they say compared to what they do or how much they appreciate it done for them. That, I definitely have seen enough examples of over the years to believe I am right.

The O-series of poems are one stanza poems composed before I got onto writing haiku and tanka, and short poetry while in action or traveling by select means like plane or ferry. These poems are 3-9 lines long with at least one rhyming couplet, and not of the short forms just mentioned. For the sake of elegance, I just called the collection One.


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