Come Hither

Come hither, you over there
Come hither, you so handsome and fair
Come hither, undress me with those eyes
Come hither, and open your prize

Come hither, you over there
Come hither, you with the come hither stare
Come hither, and caress me right
Come hither, and taste my delight

Tell me you want to please me tonight
Tell me you want to pleasure me all night
Tell me you want to play me like jazz
Tell me you want to make me pizzazz

Come hither, you over there
Come hither, if you double dare
Come hither, if you can handle me
Come hither, and we shall see

Come hither, you over there
Come hither, you all, I declare
Come hither, after the song is over
Come hither, and be my lovers

I see you have your eyes on me
I know all of you, want all of me
Why deny what we all know
What it is we want, after the show?

Come hither, rise from your chairs
Come hither, abandon your cares
Come hither, any way, any how,
Come hither, play with me, right now

06.08.05 – 06.23.08



Copyright by Minh Tan on listed dated of completion.



Notes to this poem…

This is lyrics for a lust song, using civilized language but expressing less than “civilized” lusty thoughts, as the church and any other moral authority will tell you… including your Mother. Meant to be sung by a crooning diva, I am currently working on two musical versions for this same set of lyrics. One is sung low and sassy, and the other high and naughty. I’m not sure which will work better but I will be thrilled if I could just get them both to work, although I won’t be the one singing, of course. Even if don’t mind dressing up as a crooning diva, that by no means mean I can sing anything like one.

As for the lyrics, I’ll let them speak for themselves, for the most part. I’ll just say that the “Come hither” verses were written with this intent, to give you some insight into the word choices rather than letting you think they were just chosen for rhyme given a rhyme scheme and just a lusty theme with plenty of choices for words from which to choose. The first verse was meant to be sung to to a man, the second to a woman, the third to a couple, the fourth to everyone in the house, and the fifth to emphasize the fourth. Yeah, neither church nor your Mother is going to approve of this one!

As for forms, despite the one repeated line, this is a song without a chorus or refrain. The repeated line sets up the verses. There are two bridges and it ends on a verse. We’ll see what I ultimately end up writing for a repertoire, but I’m betting right now this will be one of my more innovative lyric forms.

As for where this song came from, I’m not sure. Somewhere, one day, the first line just popped into my head, and it’s not hard to find a tune for something like that. Just say it out loud and try to extract the notes of your intonation and that’s a great starting point for a “tune”. The rest of it and the concept to the “increasing audience” sung to by the singer? Let’s just say I’m not kidding when I say I have very liberal views and don’t think of my almost exclusive nonfiction reading as being dry, though try not to extrapolate too much of this to my personal values that can be simply defined, but probably complicated to anyone towing the mainstream line. I’ll leave it at that. 😉


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