Political Hoots

To John McCain,
I’d not give a hoot,
A fan of him I’m not!

To Miss Palin,
I’d give a hoot,
Cause she’s a hoot and hot… NOT!

To Joe Biden,
I’d give a hoot,
Cause he’s a hoot to me.

But to Obama,
I’d give two hoots,
Maybe even three… YEAH!

Join me!

HOOT! HOOT! (What was that?)
HOOT! HOOT! (I can’t hear you!)
HOOT! HOOT! (Yeah, and now three!)

And I’d give Bush the boot!!!

08.14.08 – 10.08.08



Copyright by Minh Tan on listed dated of completion.



Notes to this poem…

I’m not sure if this poem will ever become song lyrics because this will lose its flavour in about 27 days, and I’d rather spend my songwriting efforts for which I don’t have a lot of time for these days on something that has more durability than that. However, I wrote the poem as if there were a song in my head, almost something humourous folksy in the style of The Hockey Song by Stompin’ Tom Connors, with a very interactive chorus of audience participation (the “hooting”).

This poem actually started out as Hoots for Hillary, cause Hillary Clinton was my candidate all along. I’m still a bit disappointed she is not in the US presidential race, but not enough to vote Republican. Hardly. It’s just a bit like marrying your second choice for a partner instead of your first choice, if you could count two people in your life who you might have realistically pursued to marriage. It’s a good comparison cause it’s not like the second choice would be bad considering you’d had to have been in love enough with him/her to consider marriage. Really, if you were ever that disappointed about someone, you should ever marry them, so I’m not really disappointed in Barrack Obama. It’s like it’s good, but it could have been great with Hillary.

Anyway, I hope the American people are not dumb enough to vote Republican again, and I say that without apology of fearing to offend anyone. Their economics just doesn’t work for the masses. It might be the American dream, but that only ever works for a few, and all you get is a bitter masses among the happy few. The American dream was meant for you to break the odds and make it big, not for everybody to make it big. The problem is it has its dark side of leaving the masses losing out.

You can still have the American dream for Democratic economics. In fact, you can have more American dreams that way. At some point of diminishing returns, people don’t need a lot more success to be quite happy, so you can share it around to more people. And don’t forget, having happy people around you is what makes up part of the American dream. Having them begging you for money, bitter to revolt or harm you so that you have to watch out for yourself everywhere you go is not.

I also wonder if Americans ever realized they tended to vote Republican when the economy feels good or decent and Democrats when the economy is bad? At least lately they have. They vote in the Republicans when they can spend and then blames them for wrecking the economy and vote Democrats in to save them. But I’m not here to discuss politics, just make fun of it. I wish our Canadian politics could only be so interesting. It was there, for a flashing moment some years ago, with Belinda Stronach crossing party lines after dumping her Member of Parliament boyfriend and altering the balance of power of the majority party. But then that was done and she faded and then it became boring again like it had been for many years.


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