Open Book Haiquote

If you choose to live your life
Like an open book –
Be a mystery




Copyright by Minh Tan on listed dated of completion.



Notes to this poem…


This is my advice to those people who choose to live their lives like an open book, sharing everything with people and being willing to answer anything anybody asks them. It is ever easier to do this with social media, but it’s so often so mundane it’s terribly boring. Thing is it exposes a lot of people for how boring they are, even the famous ones who many of us think have interesting lives because they live in a different world than us. Maybe I just demand and expect more, but I don’t find a lot of them too interesting. It’s all circumstance they have to share and such, not substance of themselves in how they navigate the circumstances that says they’re interesting or special in any way.

Regardless of how interesting or uninteresting your shared life may be, though, you can still make it interesting by how you share it. Think of the process as how a mystery story or novel reveals itself. Don’t share everything at once, or in logical order. Maybe even throw in some true, but distracting “red herrings“. You don’t have to resolve it all by your life’s end like a mystery novel does. Just a little later than the immediate moment. Think of it as lots of mystery stories, novels, subplots or whatever. That’s why I didn’t include what written mystery “format” in the poem. It could be any and many.

The idea is to leave those following or knowing you to be guessing. Capture their interest. Surprise them from time to time. You’ll be guaranteed to be more interesting to them that way, regardless of how interesting or not you are to them!


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