Words of Wisdom Haiquote

Keep words of wisdom
Concise, short and sweet –
Like a haiku or a tweet




Copyright by Minh Tan on listed dated of completion.



Notes to this poem…

A lot of quotes quoted as advice, wisdom or whatever, are pretty short. It helps make them more memorable from their “ring” or style, and just easier to remember otherwise from being very few words. That is, simple sounding but complex in nature.

From that, I associated them to the haiku, which is a very short poetic form of just 17 syllables. That was easy having been a poet for years. The haiku form, with its elegant two 5 syllable lines and a 7 syllable line in some order, would add even more style to those words of wisdom to make them more memorable.

In more recent times, though, there has been the Twitter tweet of 140 characters. At about 7 characters per syllable, and 21 spaces and punctuation characters, to utilize the maximum tweeting length, I estimated that most haiku could fit within a 140 character tweet.

Putting the haiku and tweet together, I came up with this poem to illustrate my concept, by example no less! I’ve got the haiku form, as well as a rhyme to go with it!

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