Tests Haiquote

Tests are good luck charms
For reality –
Increasing chance of success




Copyright by Minh Tan on listed dated of completion.



Notes to this poem…

People generally hate tests because they aren’t the real thing. They’re simulations of the real thing, if they’re even a fair representation. No doubt you’ve had your share of tests where you were like how is this going to show I can or can’t do something well that the class, course, job or whatever is supposed to teach me?

I have another perspective of tests, which are meant to increase your odds of success of being able to do something. That’s what people have good luck charms for, no? To increase the chance of success? One might say they have the charms to guarantee success, but until charms can guarantee it, they’ll be just like tests to me, meant to increase the chance of success. And like many useless tests, many charms don’t have much of any power to increase the chance of success. 🙂


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