Haiku H039

Thank you for lighting my fire –
With your decision
To love someone else




Copyright by Minh Tan on listed dated of completion.



Notes to this poem…

This haiku stemmed from the same incident and woman as that which inspired Haiku H038. However, it is misleading in that I had no interest in her like one might think the voice of this poem being of a rejected suitor or lover. No, this was ego, not heart.

This woman chose to love someone I deemed to be a terrible choice among many good or great options she had. I’m not going to be modest and honestly state I definitely deemed myself to be one of those options. She knew I was eligible and looking, and we are definitely friends. Yet, she never expressed any hint of interest, like I wasn’t good enough when she told me so much about how she was looking for a good guy who had his life together, had personality, athleticism and such, all of which I had in excess. Then she goes for something like said guy who I wouldn’t even say had looks on me… and wasn’t any of those things she was looking for in a guy.

Well, and I wonder why I’m single in Nova Scotia with their Asian male bias which I had seen on certain match-making sites. I had put on two identical profiles except for race and the Caucasian one got like 3-6X more matches, pending site and a few trials over a decade. The sites had allowed race to be a deal breaker among matches one could be sent.

Anyway, my slightly bruised ego was the inspiration behind this poem. I’ll just make sure I get some accolades and worthy accomplishments done soon, and that she knows about it with her new man. 😉

Also written at about 1:30 AM like Haiku H038 and some other poems published today. A few more needs to be finished soon, even! My feelings weren’t worked up over this, but I guess my mind was. I was trying to keep up writing down thoughts for all these poems that came to me all at once in the quiet of the morning of the night. 🙂

The H-series poems comprise of haiku composed while I was not engaged in some activity during which I frequently composed poetry. That is why these are called the Inactive Haiku collection.

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