Haiku H040

Undrafted in love –
I strive to prove wrong –
Those who took a pass on me




Copyright by Minh Tan on listed dated of completion.



Notes to this poem…

This haiku stemmed from the same incident and woman as that which inspired Haiku H038. It was like a third set of notes inspired by it all, with the first being Haiku H038 and the second being Haiku 039. If you read all three, you’d see the connection, I think.

I want to note the word “strive” rather than “live” that was the original, and more common among such saying. I don’t live to prove others wrong as if that were my purpose in life. I live for my own reasons to benefit myself and others. Proving others wrong doesn’t drive my life. It’s just a part of it. I do try eventually to prove people wrong who are on my list to prove wrong. Yes, I have such a list! However, I fit that in to my general life with greater and more worthwhile goals, rather than fit everything around trying to prove people wrong. The latter is not a good way to live, in my opinion. That’s even if it were something that was super important to you, like a career for an athlete, or an ex-lover who once dominated your life. Just find ways to fit it all in. If it’s that important and rule that much of your life, the way an athlete’s career may be, then devote the appropriate time to it and get it done as part of a greater goal. For example, work harder so you can be the best you can be. You’ll get your chance to prove yourself ultimately, rather than trying to focus on one game versus your old team.

The H-series poems comprise of haiku composed while I was not engaged in some activity during which I frequently composed poetry. That is why these are called the Inactive Haiku collection.


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