Justin Trudeau Poem J002

Canada’s Prime Minister
Is now named Justin –
Tru-dat! Belieb it!




Copyright by Minh Tan on listed dated of completion.



Notes to this poem…

Canada’s new Prime Minister is named Justin, but he’s not the Canadian Justin that most of the world knows. No. That would be Justin Bieber at the moment. That makes for a great joke that Canada just elected a guy named Justin to be Prime Minister, insinuating Justin Bieber. I just then put a few bad puns on Trudeau and Bieber with the affirming expressions of Tru-dat and Belieb it. But I liked them so I’m putting them out there. 🙂

If you hate these poems or mixing poetry with politics, worry not. There’ll be lots of poetry along the lines of what has appeared here up to this point over all these years. But why am I worried? It’s not like many people read my poetry, lol.

At least not yet… 🙂

Please click here to see more of my Trudeauetry collection of poems about Justin Trudeau.

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