Viet Nam Haiku V14

Aunt Lieu – gives up control of
Home to visiting
Thuy who is older

03.07.15 – 03.26.15



Copyright by Minh Tan on listed dated of completion.



Notes to this poem…

Please click here for the background to this haiku collection if you want to know more about it.

This is the first of about a dozen haiku character snapshots of my Paternal relatives I met for the first time, or first time I would be able to remember with some of them. Basically, these character snapshots were either built around the most striking thing about them to me, or a summary of things that seem to be dominant in their lives. It’s a bit like a haiku version of a clerihew, except there’s no requirement to be funny, and often I’m not trying to be!

Aunt Lieu is the only Paternal relative who resides in the house the Paternal relatives have left in Viet Nam. The rest are either abroad, or a few have their own houses. Yet, by Vietnamese culture, when her older sister Thuy returned during this visit, Aunt Lieu gave up control of the house to Aunt Thuy. Aunt Lieu certainly advises Aunt Thuy on anything she’s out of touch with, which isn’t a lot, but still, control is expected and released to the elder Aunt when she’s home.

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