Viet Nam Haiku V19

Cousin Hang – Cinderella
By choice – has lost hope
Finding Prince Charming

03.07.15 – 03.10.15



Copyright by Minh Tan on listed dated of completion.



Notes to this poem…

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The name Hang mentioned is read haangShe is the oldest of my Paternal cousins with the half Aunts. She is the sweetest thing, obedient, respectful, caring, mature, and trustworthy. People trust her so much they will ask her to go get stuff for them rather than asking their children, not trusting even their own children to quote the right prices to pay them back! Or she’ll do tasks for them that their children won’t due to being idiots to their Parents! She’s always on the lookout for others and their well-being, and sadly neglects her own at times for it.

Unfortunately for Hang, she has a heart condition that keeps her from being healthy all the time and able to keep a full time job consistently. She also cannot exert a lot of cardio stress on herself, getting tired walking up some hills that she can’t even continue. In Viet Nam, it isn’t like here in North America where employers tolerate this and make room for such challenged employees. As a result, Hang seems doomed to be doing menial work in Viet Nam for the rest of her life. Her heart condition also means guys abroad wouldn’t be interested in marrying her to bring her abroad, either. At least not any guys she wants to be spending the rest of her life with. It’s a pretty sad story and that’s why I said she’s given up hope on finding Prince Charming.

The Prince Charming analogy also arose from all the housework she does, out of a sense of duty more often than not, that is a bit excessive, especially considering her condition. She is literally like a little Cinderella around the house, even though she’s not exactly treated badly. I think some people in the extended family and their friends do push things a bit far on her at times, though.

I’m just sad all around for her and wish I could only do more to help her besides sending a little money to cover some bills and treatments every now and then.

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