Viet Nam Haiku V21

Cousin Xuan – now wed –
No longer has to
Sleep with Mom for fear of dark

03.07.15 – 03.20.15



Copyright by Minh Tan on listed dated of completion.



Notes to this poem…

Please click here for the background to this haiku collection if you want to know more about it.

The name Xuan mentioned is read swun

A lot of Vietnamese guys carry a macho air about them. It’s a cultural feature I really don’t care much for, and I’m glad to say Cousin Xuan doesn’t exude a lot of that. He does a little bit, more in his looks than his demeanour. So when I found out he was afraid of the dark to the point he has to sleep in the same room as his Mom, I was really taken aback cause that was not that much of a well kept secret, apparently! You’d be ridiculed for that here in Western culture, never mind as patriarchal and macho a society as that of Viet Nam! Yet, Cousin Xuan was cool with it all, and that was great to see. It remains the character defining trait about Cousin Xuan, in my eyes.

Nobody brought up the thought expressed here at Cousin Xuan’s wedding, which was the deal maker for when I would return for my initial trip back in a long time. A lot of folks from abroad and around the country would be there so I could meet them all without traveling the entire globe. I don’t even know if anybody thought of what was expressed in this haiku. However, I thought better of making a public joke, or even familial joke, about it in case it wouldn’t have been taken well. As for posting it here, nobody in my my extended family on both Maternal and Paternal sides, or anybody they know, even remotely cares for my poetry. Unless I become famous and somebody scrutinizes my life and brings it to them, they’ll never even know or care this exists.

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