Skating Poem S004

A few chips on each shoulder –
I’ll remove them one by one –
Until none are left over –
And I find myself new ones




Copyright by Minh Tan on listed dated of completion.



Notes to this poem…


I came into 2016 with a few fresh chips on my shoulder, metaphorically speaking, meaning grudges. But I had chosen to make them grudges rather than ignore them, for free motivation. I generally like to have some chips on my shoulder for extra free motivation for whatever it is I’m doing, though I make sure to stay on an even keel, metaphorically speaking to mean be rational and in control of things, by having the same number of chips on each shoulder, metaphorically speaking. Sorry for all the metaphors but if you’re fluent in English and reading this, you wouldn’t need them. I’m trying to be accommodating to some of my readers for whom English isn’t their first language.

As life ebbs and flows, sometimes I’ll have more and some times I’ll have fewer chips on my shoulders than other times. I work them out to unload them and prove some people wrong, before finding new causes. I’ll also enjoy periods where I don’t have chips on my shoulders just to chill. That’s generally what this poem is about. I didn’t have to explain the metaphors used in this paragraph, did I? I think they’re a bit more obvious. 🙂

The S-series poems were composed while I was out skating on the Halifax Emera Skating Oval, to squeeze in writing time in a life that is always getting busier.

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