Skating Poem S022

Online dating rejections –
Soft, but great sources
Of motivation




Copyright by Minh Tan on listed dated of completion.



Notes to this poem…

Amorous rejections are never fun. However, ones online from dating services tend to be from people you don’t know very well so they don’t hurt a lot. You haven’t had the chance to make a real emotional investment in them. It’d just be a lot of lust, at worst.

But any rejection for me is turned into a source of motivation. I’m going to prove them wrong, or prove how stupid some things they value are, like a little height when they’re not exactly tall themselves and would take people with a little height but far bigger imperfections than anything I’ve got! It’s the best way to get back at them, as far as I’m concerned, to show them how big their mistake was in passing me up. 🙂

Compared to real life rejections, online dating rejections are awesome value for motivation!

The S-series poems were composed while I was out skating on the Halifax Emera Skating Oval, to squeeze in writing time in a life that is always getting busier.


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