Haiku H063

When I’m in Heaven –
I’ll go to Hell to find you –
Just to get even




Copyright by Minh Tan on listed dated of completion.



Notes to this poem…

That’s the most evil poem, possibly the most evil thing, I have ever written. Man, that’s nasty!

What could possibly have been on my mind and how did I come to write that listening to Nessun Dorma?

Well, I don’t have an answer nearly as epic as the thought expressed in the poem, fortunately! I was listening to Martina Navratilova on Desert Island Discs, a magnificent program.

At the 2:30 mark, Martina talked about how the Communists from her homeland in the old Czechoslovakia had denied her Parents the opportunity of being there at her first Wimbledon victory. She broke down saying how much that hurt, which I had not been ready for listening to what’s normally a pretty upbeat and contemplative show. Martina said she’d never be able to forgive the Communists for that, and how many lives they ruined, implying far more worse ways than just families being together for some special moments, of course.

I fled from a Communist regime in Viet Nam as a child refugee so I have a pretty good real life experience appreciation of what Martina was talking about. I agreed, though I know it’s not always a simple black and white, good and evil, judgment. People were forced to do things to other people at times, at the cost of their own or families’ lives, if not. In such a situation, you’ll protect your own first, for the most part, but it’s not a simple you should know better than to do such a thing to people sort of thing. Anyway, I still resent the Communists for all they did everywhere. They were hypocrites in their own ideology and executing what was needed to supposedly fulfill it.

Whatever was stirring in my emotions, it was obvious that it’s rather late to do much about it now with time passing and many of them having passed away as well, without justice being served. Then the rousing Nessun Dorma came on and I thought about the after world, in which I don’t believe, but that if I did, it wasn’t over. I thought about how even if it were true, I’d forego my time and pass in Heaven to go to Hell and get some justice done on behalf of others, and out come this little haiku that’s not very much in the spirit of the haiku.

I’ll classify it “modern poetry”. 🙂

The H-series poems comprise of haiku composed while I was not engaged in some activity during which I frequently composed poetry. That is why these are called the Inactive Haiku collection.

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