Skating Poem S028

I met my austerity
Targets for January –
Now that it’s February –
I’ll be spending some money!




Copyright by Minh Tan on listed dated of completion.



Notes to this poem…

I have set some monthly spending targets for myself this year in hopes of coming closer to living on half my income after taxes. I can’t try to average that for all months because cash flow ebbs and flow. However, I figured if I could hit that target in 7 of 12 months, I’d be closer than in other years. Two of those months have three paycheques, which make them pretty much automatic. Of the remaining 10, I wanted to hit the 50% or lower threshold in 5 of those months. I did that for January, albeit barely. For February, though, there are some things I need to get, some of which can’t wait like tennis club membership where I’d lose out on a bundle if I wait till past February. These expenditures will be more than I could avoid to live below 50% of monthly income on a short month, so I’m gonna cook the books and get a few more things I might have gotten in a future month to cut out their cash flow there.

It’s sort of “all” mind games I play with myself but that’s how I motivate myself sometimes. And yes, I could live below half of what I make if I really wanted or needed to. I’m just not extreme enough to deprive myself of a bunch of things for some artificial ideal. Just use enough of it in moderation to improve my life while still being able to enjoy it where money can help. 🙂

The S-series poems were composed while I was out skating on the Halifax Emera Skating Oval, to squeeze in writing time in a life that is always getting busier.


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