Skating Poem S032

I love mornings when
Most of my time awake got
Used for exercise –
Who’s not a morning person?
Asks this self-proclaimed night owl




Copyright by Minh Tan on listed dated of completion.



Notes to this poem…

I think of myself as a night owl because of how often I stay up so late, also being more creative and productive late into the night. By logical deduction, that doesn’t make me its antithesis – a morning person. I’m generally OK then in terms of being functional, but I generally won’t do hard cardio workouts then because my body isn’t as awake and ready as it needs to be to get the most benefit from such workouts.

This winter, though, I’ve been getting up and out for the early morning skating sessions on the Oval on my days off work. I go a bit hard at them, but skating doesn’t push my cardio limits so I don’t mind.

On these mornings, I usually roll out of bed about half and hour before skate time. I do my morning business and eat a banana while I dress myself for skating, which can be several layers on a cold morning like today, and include things like wrist weights additional to clothing. By the time I get home, more than half my waking hours will have been spent skating, and that’s a fantastic feeling! Not only do I feel good from the endorphins, though, but also that I’ve gotten my exercise for the day done, as well as get outside for some fresh air and sunshine for Vitamin D that is vital to staying happy during winter.

Now I just need to find something equivalent to do when the Oval is no longer open as winter passes by. The other forms of exercise I do either requires me to tap into cardio, like running, or I’d prefer to keep for a later time to involve others, like tennis.

The S-series poems were composed while I was out skating on the Halifax Emera Skating Oval, to squeeze in writing time in a life that is always getting busier.


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