Running Poem R012

Who’s leading a double life?
Certainly not me!
Try quadruple life!




Copyright by Minh Tan on listed dated of completion.



Notes to this poem…

I do far too many things for most of my friends to care about. Instead of driving them all crazy with Facebook updates like a diary I want to keep, I’ve taken to separate the activities in other media so that those who care about one or the other could follow whatever they cared for. In addition to that reason, though, the more publicly open social media other than Facebook will also expose my interests to the rest of the world, letting them find me and vice-versa, to learn from them. As stated and explained in Running Poem R11, one needs to appeal to more than just one’s friends if one wants to be famous!

The R-series poems were composed while I was out running, in an effort to find time for writing in a life that is always getting busier.


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