Nude Poem N08

Just got caught smoking –
And just got caught nude –
But only in a drawing




Copyright by Minh Tan on listed dated of completion.



Notes to this poem…

I ended up doing some impromptu posing at a life drawing session today when the model had to leave for an urgent matter. I was asked to pose cause I’d have been fine drawing someone else. Of all the things I’d ever thought or hope I’d get nominated for, posing nude was never one of them, lol.

However, I accommodated and did not take money from participants in the class. It wasn’t my class and the organizer who was also the model didn’t take money due to it being a broken set up, if you will, so I didn’t feel it was right to do so, either.

Not being prepared to model, I had to improvise as I usually bring a list of poses. Action and athletic poses tend to be my style but not today. Not knowing I was modeling, I did hard physical workouts in the days prior to today. My muscles were too tired to hold some of those action poses for long. As a result, I did poses like leaning against a wall, pretending I was deep in thought while smoking. That was the reference in the poem. And because people had drawings of me doing so, it was like someone caught me smoking with visual proof… smoking naked, too, mind you! lol

The N-series poems were composed while I posed nude for life drawing, being very still with excess mental capacity I must force myself to occupy with appropriate thoughts so nothing awkward would happen. 🙂


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