Big Lift Ferry Poem F082

Gonna lay down lines –
Both – metaphorically –
And literally –
Then hammer them in with nails
So they won’t move easily




Copyright by Minh Tan on listed dated of completion.



Notes to this poem…

I was volunteering to lay down some lines on clay tennis courts today. That involved hammering nails to hold down strips of stretched plastic into a clay surface. It involved a lot of nails and hammering, actually, at about 2000 nails per court and five courts! There were about a dozen people there to help, though, not just me, to be clear, but it was still a lot of nails I was hammering in between yesterday and today when we were doing this.

As I thought about what I’d be doing on the ferry ride over to Dartmouth, I recalled me saying to someone there were some lines I was drawing in the sand in some life situations, metaphorically, as per the English idiom to denote “limitations”. I just so happened to have defined those “lines in the sand” this weekend so the timing of doing the literally laying down the lines was very a propos. Thinking about how I had to hammer down the tennis court lines pretty seriously to keep them from moving despite all that might be done over them, I committed myself to stand just as strongly about my lines in the sand in life.

So to those who may want to test those lines, I say bring it on!!!

The F-series poems are part of a collection composed on my ferry rides across Halifax Harbour when the buses aren’t crossing the MacDonald bridge due to the Big Lift bridge redecking. This should keep happening until at least December 2016.


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