Tanka T047

The extra tissues
I have kept from dining out –
Have found their purpose!
Draining excess pen nib ink
When I do calligraphy




Copyright by Minh Tan on listed dated of completion.



Notes to this poem…

Whenever I eat out, if I have tissues I don’t end up using, I don’t throw them away like many people do to reduce a bit of unnecessary waste. I keep them, often reusing for when I need some while dining at home and when I have a runny nose or a cold. Turns out neither purpose requires many tissues because I have about 5 tissue boxes’ worth net gain from the past few years when I’ve been eating out more. I had bought 5 Kleenex boxes about 15 years ago and I still have 4 unopened if that tells you anything about the value of my practice.

Well, I reintroduced calligraphy into my life yesterday and, to my delight, I found I needed these tissues to drain excess India ink from my pen nibs when I was done or needed to switch! It kept me from making a mess, and I certainly didn’t want to be using fabric to do this! Pending how much calligraphy I do, one day you might find me writing a poem wishing I had more free tissues from excess given to me when dining out. Let’s hope it won’t ever get that bad, though. I hate to think I’d be increasing my waste output by that much any time soon. I use these tissues to the max, even if I have lots on hand, if yesterday’s experience was any indicator of things to come.

Just another story of how everything happens in my life for a great reason, whether or not I know it then. 🙂

The poems titled Tanka, followed by a number, are tanka composed while I was not engaged in some activity during which I frequently composed poetry. That is why these are called the Inactive Tanka collection.


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