Running Poem R022

Creating or amending a law –
Is like drawing a map for those
Who want to break that law –
To show them directions they could go
To break it legally




Copyright by Minh Tan on listed dated of completion.



Notes to this poem…

Oh, the abstract thoughts and revelations I get while running!

Call it what you want, whether perspective, attitude or whatever. You have to admit, this isn’t about your opinion of the matter, but rather that of people wanting to break laws. I’m putting it in a symbolic simile, that’s all. But it’s all true.

When people create laws, they’re essentially forbidding others to do something. Guidance on how to do something kind of law is basically forbidding the act to be done in some other way. That’s just describing a half full cup by the half empty narrative. It’s not wrong by any means.

If a law forbids you to do something, or do something in a certain way, should you want to do it, you essentially have a map of the “obstacles” you must get past. It’s spelled out for you as clearly as the lawmaker could have. If you want to break that law legally, in other words, do what you wanted to do that the law forbade but not break the law, you just need to find a way through and/or around whatever that law says. You are basically given a map of what stands in your way, and how, so then all you have to do is find your way around it, or through it if there were holes in that map (law). The route you need to take to steer clear of the law in breaking it might not be clear, which is why I’m saying the map only show “directions”. However, the routes you can’t take is as clear as the law is written. The lawmaker basically handed you a map of how to get to your desired destination in laying down a law. You might not like the route, and will have to figure it out in exact detail, but that’d just like knowing you might have to go through the “bad lands” not well charted on a map, with an impassable mountain mapped out between you and your destination.

I’m an overwhelmingly law abiding citizen. I can’t think of any instances where I have ever broken a law. Never did underage drinking, smoke weed or drugs like so many average people have done in their lives. This analogy, though, applies to anything like a law, from policies to suggested guides and other “advice”. Some of those less than lawful tools, I definitely have problems with and do not hesitate to disobey on grounds of rationale more sound than the policies or guides themselves. Let’s face it, some of them are made by less than smart people, or, more likely, people with less than noble motivations. In those circumstances, this is a fabulous new attitude I am adopting on how to motivate myself to deal with policies, guides and other “recommendations” less sound than my vision of it, as could be proven in a debate.

When you get insights like all that on runs, you don’t need to wonder why I LOVE my running so much!

The R-series poems were composed while I was out running, in an effort to find time for writing in a life that is always getting busier.


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