One Stanza Poem O170

Some people have
A sparkle in their eyes –
But she –
She has three –
One from her eyes –
One from her soul –
And one from her

07.11.16 – 07.13.16



Copyright by Minh Tan on listed dated of completion.



Notes to this poem…

The physical sparkle in one’s eyes expression is obvious.

The eyes are the windows to one’s soul, it has been said. For those with a beautiful soul, that shine can also come through their eyes, in my mind.

And someone with a sparkling personality, I can see a sparkle in their eyes as well, even though I know in pictures, where their personality might not show, they might not look like they have a sparkle in their eyes.

With the right person as I’ve sometimes found, I swear I can see three sparkles in their eyes and not just the one.

The O-series of poems are one stanza poems composed before I got onto writing haiku and tanka, and short poetry while in action or traveling by select means like plane or ferry. These poems are 3-9 lines long with at least one rhyming couplet, and not of the short forms just mentioned. For the sake of elegance, I just called the collection One.


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