Big Lift Ferry Poem F264

There’s something to be said –
For being the best –
But there’s more to the said –
For being the best –
That you can be –
Unlike what society –
Would have you believe




Copyright by Minh Tan on listed dated of completion.



Notes to this poem…


Lots of stories, films and such about people who are the best, and not very much about the people who are the best they could be. The former belong to the latter, in most cases, but the latter isn’t usually the angle taken on them for most of their profiling, or their adulation, for that matter. It’s not just the people doing the profiling. The people admiring are also at fault for just adoring these people for being the best like it could happen to them if they had the talent of those they admired.

How it should be couldn’t be further from the way things are, in my opinion.

The F-series poems are part of a collection composed on my ferry rides across Halifax Harbour when the buses aren’t crossing the MacDonald bridge due to the Big Lift bridge redecking. This should keep happening until at least December 2016.


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