Big Lift Ferry Poem F266

Can Donald Trump say a thing –
Without having to
Clarify his words?




Copyright by Minh Tan on listed dated of completion.



Notes to this poem…


Answer is equivocally no!

When was the last time you heard Donald Trump say anything where he didn’t have to clarify later, or someone didn’t have to do it for him? I’ve never heard a worst communicator. Not just for this constant clarification, but also the things he had to do clarification on.

How do you expect anything to ever function if the person leading it is constantly misunderstood? Even if everybody gets it after each clarification, just think of the resources and efficiency lost from actions undertaken before clarification took place!

The F-series poems are part of a collection composed on my ferry rides across Halifax Harbour when the buses aren’t crossing the MacDonald bridge due to the Big Lift bridge redecking. This should keep happening until at least December 2016.


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