Airborne Poem A001

I haven’t been so
In a couple of years




Copyright by Minh Tan on listed dated of completion.



Notes to this poem…

I have occasionally composed poetry during flights before, but very few. Since I am now into composing short poems which I can compose many during flights, I will keep these poems composed while airborne in their own collection. I get into a different state of mind while flying, one that I love very much. I want to note the poems I composed during flight for my own reference so they will now get their own series identified by the letter A before their numbers.

This one was composed on a long flight across Canada from Halifax to Vancouver, where everyone on board would get exposed to more radiation than some things environmentalists flip over. I don’t have the scale in my head right now, but I’ve seen the scale, and it’s ridiculous what some groups cry about out of nothing but misinformed fear. Also, I might have only gone once in a rare while on long flights, but airlines staff on the planes do it frequently, and they’re just fine, too. People just generally need to check their facts when it comes to cries about dangers of radiation from some man-made sources, especially with natural sources they can get exposed to frequently for context.

The A-series poems comprise of poems composed while I was airborne, in flight.


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