Cruise Poem C24

A jet collided
With a star in the night sky –
But nothing happened




Copyright by Minh Tan on listed dated of completion.



Notes to this poem…

To give you an idea how loaded the sky was with stars that night, you couldn’t draw a line across it without having to touch a dot that was a star. Well, a similar exercise would be to have a jet high up so it looked like there was only one light, fly across the sky. The jet’s light would inevitably touch one that was a star, numerous times, as it made its way across the sky.

First time I’ve ever had a chance to observe this. The magnificent night sky stars I saw in Kona, Hawaii, didn’t have jets flying across it that night.

These cruise poems were written on my first ever cruise between September 2nd and 9th, from Seward, Alaska to Vancouver, British Columbia. Most were written at night on my limited down time from family, in the dark of the Helideck at the front of the ship, often alone beneath the night skies of Alaska.



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