Running Poem R043

Runner racing train
Into Skagway is
Their new tourist attraction




Copyright by Minh Tan on listed dated of completion.



Notes to this poem…

This day Alaskan cruise port of call was Skagway, Alaska. I was fidgeting to warm-up before run port of call run while waiting in the security line to get off the ship. The security crew who knew me from yesterday’s exit and return, asked why I was anxious given I had lots of time, even to run to Anchorage and back, in joking reference to my departure line yesterday (see Running Poem R042). I told them I had a train to catch and that I was losing time in line.

They didn’t know what I was talking about so they asked what train? To which I replied the tourist one that left at 830 this morning, to a chorus of laughs. They then told me it should be back soon as it was just a day tour, I then told them that I’d be looking to catch it out in the wild and race it home then, to another chorus of laughs… except I wasn’t joking, though I didn’t expect them to know.

I ran out of the little town of Skagway and sure enough, a few miles out, I heard a train whistle. Judging from when I saw it to when it got to me, I figured I could give it a serious race, and I did, as captured in the notes for Cruise Poem C40. I’ll let you read it there. 🙂

The R-series poems were composed while I was out running, in an effort to find time for writing in a life that is always getting busier.


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