Cruise Poem C35

No moon on this cruise –
For a week until tonight –
When there’s a half moon –
Is that how it works far north?
It was great for this cruise, though




Copyright by Minh Tan on listed dated of completion.



Notes to this poem…

A (roughly) half moon was in the sky tonight. I don’t know where it had been in the previous nights. Probably late rising but I can’t imagine it would have been that late compared to tonight considering I had been on the Helideck at similar times most of these nights.

I had been rather fortunate to enjoy that many nights without a moon. I never even thought about how it should have been in the sky most nights, to be honest! I was that enthralled by the stars, and even fog in open seas like the first night of the cruise when there was nothing to be seen by darkness! Seeing the moon when I came out disappointed me because I took my starry nights for granted, and I had enjoyed my last night of spectacular stars the night before, without warning of no more such nights.

These cruise poems were written on my first ever cruise between September 2nd and 9th, from Seward, Alaska to Vancouver, British Columbia. Most were written at night on my limited down time from family, in the dark of the Helideck at the front of the ship, often alone beneath the night skies of Alaska.


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