Airborne Poem A012

The number of roads –
In some areas of the
Middle of nowhere –
Never ceases to amaze
Me when I see them in flight




Copyright by Minh Tan on listed dated of completion.



Notes to this poem…

Seriously, some areas where there are so few people so spread apart, all the roads that must be maintained, and built in the first place, absolutely amazes me. It would amaze me more if they were public roads, but even if privately paid for, it’s still a lot of roads I couldn’t justify. As rude as it might be, I’m pretty much of the opinion just move a little closer!

Some people have good, legitimate reasons to live where they live way out, sure. That’s probably tied to economic reasons like maybe the land is more fertile there or they have some crops going, weather for wind farms, or whatever. But if it were just peace and quiet, I’d just strand them out there if I were government.

The A-series poems comprise of poems composed while I was airborne, in flight.


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