Big Lift Ferry Poem F316

How long should someone
Fairly wait for a response
From a Tinder match?
I chose a hundred hours for
Triple digit hours’ patience




Copyright by Minh Tan on listed dated of completion.



Notes to this poem…

I was doing my annual Tinder experiment to see the difference in Nova Scotian women’s interest for Asian and Caucasian men. This round was the worst ever, with only one person interested in my profile. I wrote her to introduce myself, but she didn’t write back for a few days, which I thought was more than fair to wait if she had shown interest. Even a reply to tell someone to wait would have been sufficient. Anyhow, my trial end date coincided with approximately five days after she would have shown interest, and my introduction not long after. However, I didn’t let that expire. I removed her from my interest list just for the sake of me being able to take care of things on my end not to be disrespected more. She probably removed me long ago if she weren’t really interested, though, lol. It’s just the sake of the action for my dignity. 🙂

I choose 100 hours as the waiting period and removed her soon after.

Tinder listed that she and I had a mutual friend, which only brought up questions if she checked with her friend, and if so, what did our mutual friend say, etc. considering I was on good terms with the mutual friend. But this is only for noting. I let it all go pretty soon after the trial was over. It was actually unfair to me I only got the one ignored response. The Caucasian profile with a similar looking Caucasian got a lot more interest… but no reply cause that would have really been malicious of me! 🙂

The F-series poems are part of a collection composed on my ferry rides across Halifax Harbour when the buses aren’t crossing the MacDonald bridge due to the Big Lift bridge redecking. This should keep happening until at least December 2016.


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