Big Lift Ferry Poem F322

Moonlight on choppy waters –
Or abundance of
Fish in night waters




Copyright by Minh Tan on listed dated of completion.



Notes to this poem…

The harbour water surface was highly, but gently, disturbed tonight but what seemed to be a gentle, but constant, water level breeze. That messed up the surface a lot, resulting in a lot of sparkling little reflections within what otherwise might have been a large moonlight reflection on the waters, as well as some of the Halifax skyline. It reminded me of the Canadian Historica Minute piece below where the explorer John Cabot came to North America and wowed at the abundance of fish in the oceans, so much that their boats were slowed in some places. The picture was that the fish were all flopping and swimming around the boat, covering all the water surface and making reflections like the one I was seeing.

How that has changed since with how we’ve wasted that resource, of course, but that’s another matter.

The F-series poems are part of a collection composed on my ferry rides across Halifax Harbour when the buses aren’t crossing the MacDonald bridge due to the Big Lift bridge redecking. This should keep happening until at least December 2016.

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