One Stanza Poem O185

2016 was the year –
I lost patience with my world –
And faith in humanity –
Though not yet in Destiny




Copyright by Minh Tan on listed dated of completion.



Notes to this poem…

There had been some things I had let slide in my world, but I finally got around to fixing them this year. Beyond that, things just got too crazy in the world for my liking, including that 8-11 election result. But more than just people in the US, people in the world, in general, just got too dumb for my standards so I disconnected, for the most part. I’m not out of touch completely. I just read a lot of headlines to know some important stories had taken place, but not the stories until I need to. I just didn’t care any more. I’ll take care of my world and the people in it and the world can take care of itself otherwise. When the two will actually have to clash, I’ll deal with it then.

I have faith that Destiny will restore things back to my standards and expectations of society and humanity again. When, I don’t know, but I haven’t lost faith that will happen yet.


The O-series of poems are one stanza poems composed before I got onto writing haiku and tanka, and short poetry while in action or traveling by select means like plane or ferry. These poems are 3-9 lines long with at least one rhyming couplet, and not of the short forms just mentioned. For the sake of elegance, I just called the collection One.


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