Skating Poem S059

What will humans do –
After we’ve replaced ourselves –
With AI robots?




Copyright by Minh Tan on listed dated of completion.



Notes to this poem…

We’re building artificially intelligent (AI) robots for all sorts of things, mostly things we either do, or don’t want to do like activities that are life threatening, boring, nasty, etc. Mostly those with knowledge and resources are doing this, not the more common people whose jobs they’re replacing. As this AI robot technology improves, what will humans do to survive economically? That’s something nobody has an answer for yet. There’s talk of turning to things that require a human presence to make it a more human experience, which robots are a little further from taking over, not being all that human yet. But that only goes so far. Besides, there’s plenty of talk already of robots for partners in life, companions or just sex. I’m awaiting a few to develop for the companion side of things, like a helper friend. When they do get to that level, though, will we humans need each other much any more?

The S-series poems were composed while I was out skating on the Halifax Emera Skating Oval, to squeeze in writing time in a life that is always getting busier.

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