Justin Trudeau Poem J009

Justin Trudeau may –
Know the meaning of conflict
Of interest but –
He may or he many not know
What it is in real life

08.17.19 – 08.18.19



Copyright by Minh Tan on listed dated of completion.



Notes to this poem…

It’s coming around to federal election time again in Canada, and I thought I’d revive my very small collection of poems about our Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, from the previous election and its immediate aftermath. This may be a very small collection if Justin Trudeau doesn’t win again because I’m not betting he’ll be around as leader of the Opposition to be in any political spotlight. Wouldn’t be as fun to write about him then, anyway, not being the “big dog” any more.

These poems will be based on what I casually hear in the news about Justin Trudeau, not being a political fanatic. This one is on the SNC-Lavalin scandal Justin Trudeau is in where some Commissioner of conflict of interest said the PM violated ethics and was in conflict of interest, which Justin Trudeau said he accepted but disagreed with the decision. Sounds like a pretty political answer, to me. That’s the oversimplified extent I know of a very complex situation, but probably not far from the views many Canadians also have, I’m betting

I won’t be writing poems about other candidates in the election because they just don’t have the media appeal Justin Trudeau does, not because I have anything for or against Justin aside from his bigger share of the media spotlight, and maybe public appeal that we shall see come October 21st!

Please click here to see more of my Trudeauetry collection of poems about Justin Trudeau.


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