Harbourwalk Poem W407

Lights in the distance –
Reflected on water makes
A vanishing point –
Where the viewer sits to make
That point an “appearing” point





Copyright by Minh Tan on listed dated of completion.



Notes to this poem…

Have you ever noticed that while things fade to a point in the distance, called a vanishing point, that at night, if on a big enough body of water with lights in the distance, the reflections all make lines of light that come back to you as if you were the vanishing point for them?

Look next time! It’s quite an interesting feeling!

I don’t know what the opposite of a vanishing point is called, but I’ve decided to call it the “appearing” point. “Rome point”, from the expression all roads lead to Rome, was a second choice. Meanwhile, “Jesus point”, like light emanating from Jesus the way beams of lights through clouds are called “Jesus Rays” in Alaska, was the third choice.

The W-series poems comprise mostly of haiku or tanka composed during walks I took on the portion of Halifax’s waterfront known as the Harbourwalk, during the warmer months of 2018 & 2019, when the Seabridge was in place.


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