Nova Scotia
Last province in Canada
To get COVID-19
First province in Canada
To go crazy in quarantine





Copyright by Minh Tan on listed dated of completion.



Notes to this poem…

Nova Scotia was the last province to report a positive test for COVID-19 among its residents about 6 weeks ago from time of writing.

Less than a week ago, Canada’s worst mass shooting occurred here with 22 killed.

Today, hours before the virtual vigil due to COVID-19 lock down, there was an RCMP emergency phone alert about shots fired, and a few other incidents as it turned out. But as it turned out, there was “no evidence of shots fired”. One situation was a NOISE complaint from construction, for goodness’ sake! But far worse, two men were passing Airsoft rifles back and forth in a store parking lot, THEN WALKED INTO THE STORE WITH THOSE RIFLES!!!

We have really lost our minds…. but at least nobody was hurt or killed. But who’s calling in this stuff, and those two Covidiots are going to get the hammer since you wouldn’t even do that in normal times, never mind an intense environment like now in Nova Scotia!

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