COVIDTRY Poem 08 (What Sound does an Outbreak Make?)

One night in May, 2020
A boy in his doggy
In Saskatchewan, Canada
Had a little chatty

Hey, doggy!
––Yeah, boy.

What sound does a snake make?
––Why, hisssss, of course!
––––The dog said menacingly.

And what sound does a quake make?
––Why rrrrrumble, of course!
––––The dog said unsteadily.

And what sound does an outbreak make?
––Why, um, ask the horse!
––––The dog said quite mockingly.

What sound does an outbreak make?
Why, it’s… BOOOM!
––––Laughed the boy heartily –
––––Watching his startled dog run away –
––––For days and more days –
––––As you only can –
––––In flat Saskatchewan





Copyright by Minh Tan on listed dated of completion.



Notes to this poem…

A little silly poem from a picture I thought up entering COVID-19 new cases statistics that I do daily. The Canadian province of Saskatchewan had been one of the best at managing outbreaks. However, a few week ago, they announce reopening plans, and people jumped at it a bit more keenly than they should have. With a handful of new outbreaks, Saskatchewan has now created a new peak in daily new cases, increasing more than it ever had, which, to be fair wasn’t much. But it’s got to be disheartening, maybe even scary, that they are now living under a bigger threat than they ever had, and this new peak probably isn’t going to hold as the second peak. That second peak may ultimately prove to be higher, if not much higher, than the first.

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