Rejected Poem X001

Double U or double V?
Which one should it be?
Can U see my point?





Copyright by Minh Tan on listed dated of completion.



Notes to this poem…

The Rejected Poems comprise of poems composed for poetry competitions, alone or as parts of collections, which I rejected for whatever reasons, and which I didn’t foresee being used for future competitions. Their publication on this blog ensures that since competition entries cannot have been published elsewhere, including online. This new collection will be seriated under the X leading character, chosen because R had been chosen for the Running poems collection, and X is the classic letter or symbol to denote a “mistake”. We’ll see if I’ll ever make a mistake by including something contest worthy here. 🙂

For this first poem in a new collection, I haikued some thoughts on how the letter W really looks like two V rather than two U combined, from meme I saw online. I was going to include this for a collection of haiku that each made the reader wonder about what it asks. Then I told myself I could do better, not only with original content, but also deeper content. We shall see as I will eventually publish contest entries in its own collection, after I hear back from results and decide not to use it again, not anticipating to be winning anything soon because I have no idea what good poetry is any more, as I wrote on my real blog in this entry. I just write semi-classical poetry, for the most part, because it is the authentic me, which doesn’t fit into any form of modern poetry I see winning contests, but which I dare say is more authentic than some of these poets who make up English they probably can’t even speak when high on drugs, never mind in their wrong mind or right mind. But that’s all fine. I’m happy to just enjoy a beautiful poetic life in my own little poetic corner of cyberspace.

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