Running Poem R106

Clouds racing across the sky
Uncut and unphased
By sickle in sky



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Running Poem R105

Swallows are chirping –
Humans are sniffling –
Shielded from wind gusts in woods



Haiku H260

The pandemic was
Graffiti thrown on
Each of our friendscape paintings



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Running Poem R101

Without wolves around
For tonight’s Wolf Moon –
I played wolf to howl for them

01.27.21 – 05.30.21

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Running Poem R100

Four cranes looking up –
At the full moon from dockyards –
No ships to unload

01.27.21 – 05.30.21

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Running Poem R099

Road to the moon
Is a sharp right turn
From the lit path I ran on

01.26.21 – 05.30.21

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Running Poem R098

Lunar eye in sky
Lighting path of snow
Showing not lighting my way

01.26.21 – 05.30.21

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Running Poem R097

Moon on sea larger
Than moon in sky –
Smaller than moon in cloud break

01.26.21 – 05.30.21

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Rejected Poem X012

How different is
The universe we see now –
From reality?


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Running Poem R096

Waves emigrating from shore
Not immigrating
Flowing with the wind

02.28.21 – 03.27.21

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Running Poem R093

Lantern on water
With five thousand lights
And smoke from fire in centre

03.09.21 – 03.27.21

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