Is It Better to Love and Lost, Than Never to Have Loved at All?

O Shakespeare!
Difficult questions poseth thee!
But relevant,
And relevant for eternity,
Which I suspect will keep thee,
Relevant for eternity.


But is it such a difficult question?
Perhaps only if the answer had to be binary.
A Yes or a No.
Which wouldst not be faireth
Given ’tis one of life’s complicated questions,
For which the universal response
Of “it depends” applieth.


But could a binary answer be found statistically,
As if it were a Yes or No mostly,
Or even just in majority?
Perhaps Yes.
But also perhaps No.
‘Twouldst depend
On other details of the Love involved.
How much?
How long?
How strong?
And other details among.


So it seems I was wrong.
‘Tis a difficult question, indeed!
Not to mention for some contemplators,
The question if it were ever Love,
That shouldst the loss question precede.


O Shakespeare!
Difficult questions poseth thee!
Perhaps I will attempt another,
To attempt to answer,
Instead of this quandary.


Let’s see…
How’s about “To be or not to be”?
Let’s see…
If an answer binary
Were easier to find
To resolve that bind?


I am convinced ’tis!
Even if by circumstance
The true answer would be
“It depends”


But statistically,
By overwhelming majority,
The answer is definitely,
“To be”!


‘Tis what “to be”,
That is the question
Of greater difficulty…



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Running Poem R102

No one in park
No one in sight
This winter night
Just the full moon
A snowy world
And I

01.27.21 – 06.12.21

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Neighbour above
Drops everything on the floor

Neighbour across
Burns food and opens his door

Neighbour to left
Has super loud snores

Neighbour below
Smokes weed outdoors

Neighbour to right
Is quiet so I can ignore

Neighbours all new
Six months, no more

I’m suddenly stuck
Among folks I deplore

Of five new neighbours
I do not like four

“It’s apartment living”
So says the landlord

When I complain
To get rules enforced

Well, if so, then I don’t
Wanna live here no more

New places to live
I must explore!


03.18.20 – 06.19.20

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COVIDTRY Poem 09 (#staytheblazeshome)




There once was a land called Nova Scotia
Which’s Premier asked the people not to roam
In pandemic times of new corona
This is their tale to #staytheblazeshome!

To prevent the spread of CoViD-19
They had to stay inside, with some, alone
Until it was gone or came a vaccine
They all would have to #staytheblazeshome!

They could still explore the world, see others
Through Firefox, Facetime, Facebook, Skype, Edge, Chrome
Each one on their own, or all together
Connect with tech and #staytheblazeshome!

There were lots of other things to do, though
If folks did not have internet or phones
Arts, crafts, books, games, writing, music, puzzles
So much to help them #staytheblazeshome!

Now, of course, they had to go out sometime
But far too oft, and always with their phones
Through which Google tracked them day and night time
To show they did not #staytheblazeshome!

When the Premier saw this, he was livid
He got on TV, his mouth frothed with foam
Scolded those ignoring laws on CoViD
And told them all to #staytheblazeshome!

Right away, the message resonated
The world made memes, beers, songs, shirts, all things known
Ev’ry thing with what the Premier stated
His catchphrase hashtagged, #staytheblazeshome!

But unlike the virus that went viral
His scolding’s biggest impact was in tone
Worse and worse, the situation spiraled
Folks yelled, but did not #staytheblazeshome!

So he sent police to ticket people
For being where they’re not allowed to roam
Or too close in public, or too social
When they know well to #staytheblazeshome!

This worked well, and things reopened slowly
Each step with rules, enough to make a tome
To avoid more peaks and waves that’d only
Return them all to #staytheblazeshome!

So did Nova Scotians follow plenty
Enough to rid of CoViD from their home?
Will there be a Tales from CoViD 20?
One called You Did Not #staytheblazeshome!

Meh! For now, heed Nova Scotia’s screw-up
As detailed in this cautionary poem
To diminish such pandemics’ wallop
Right from the start, ye #staytheblazeshome!


04.18.20 – 05.17.20

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COVIDTRY Poem 08 (What Sound does an Outbreak Make?)

One night in May, 2020
A boy in his doggy
In Saskatchewan, Canada
Had a little chatty

Hey, doggy!
––Yeah, boy.

What sound does a snake make?
––Why, hisssss, of course!
––––The dog said menacingly.

And what sound does a quake make?
––Why rrrrrumble, of course!
––––The dog said unsteadily.

And what sound does an outbreak make?
––Why, um, ask the horse!
––––The dog said quite mockingly.

What sound does an outbreak make?
Why, it’s… BOOOM!
––––Laughed the boy heartily –
––––Watching his startled dog run away –
––––For days and more days –
––––As you only can –
––––In flat Saskatchewan



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Nova Scotia
Last province in Canada
To get COVID-19
First province in Canada
To go crazy in quarantine



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A very deep ocean harbour
In very windy city
So calm it is a mirror
Reflecting the tranquility
Of a COVID locked down city



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COVIDTRY Poem 04 (Tales from Covid)

Reading Tales from Ovid
To pass time from CoViD
But sans belovèd
I didn’t love it

Thus I underwent
In this room I rent
Suffering from zoocosis

From reader of verse
To writer of poetry
And from that traverse
Sprung forth my COVIDtry



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Noon cannon on Citadel Hill
Has gone silent

When a new war has begun
One fought without guns
But rather with self-isolation



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Can the novel Coronavirus –
Be made into –
A novelette Coronavirus?

It seemed whomever
Called the Coronavirus “novel” –
Gave it a far more apt name
Than he could have imagined –
Given the long and complex stories
It’s generating around the world



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Justin Trudeau Poem J014

Which face of Justin Trudeau –
Will we see tomorrow?
He might as well go –
For the whole rainbow




Copyright by Minh Tan on listed dated of completion.



Notes to this poem…

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Harbourwalk Poem W381

My straight As personality –
Artistic –
Athletic –
Academic –
Agnostic –
Authentic –
Angelic –

06.21.18 – 08.22.19



Copyright by Minh Tan on listed dated of completion.



Notes to this poem…

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