Rejected Poem X010

Is cleaning just transferring –
Dirtiness from one
Place to another?

03.13.21 – 03.26.21

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Running Poem R091

Given life’s not fair –
Is a fair purpose in life –
To make life fairer?


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Running Poem R090

Haiku composed on the run
Are they as moving
As those writ while still?

02.28.21 – 03.13.21

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Rejected Poem X006

Is everything
That kill us truly good for
The environment?



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Rejected Poem X005

Would you care as much
If you lost a pair of socks
Rather than just one?



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Rejected Poem X004

Would a truly perfect crime
Be truly perfect
If we knew of it?



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Rejected Poem X003

Is expired poison
Now more poisonous?
Or no longer poisonous?



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Rejected Poem X002

Among many twins
Which one was unplanned?
And which decides or feels that?



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Rejected Poem X001

Double U or double V?
Which one should it be?
Can U see my point?



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Haiku H259

No lover no joy
No lover no grief
Average Valentine’s Day



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Running Poem R085

I want AI to –
Know me better than –
Anybody else knows me



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Tanka T156

Love, fear, universe –
Happiness, sadness, friendship –
Imagination –
What are some words worth at least
A thousand pictures to you?



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