Neighbour above
Drops everything on the floor

Neighbour across
Burns food and opens his door

Neighbour to left
Has super loud snores

Neighbour below
Smokes weed outdoors

Neighbour to right
Is quiet so I can ignore

Neighbours all new
Six months, no more

I’m suddenly stuck
Among folks I deplore

Of five new neighbours
I do not like four

“It’s apartment living”
So says the landlord

When I complain
To get rules enforced

Well, if so, then I don’t
Wanna live here no more

New places to live
I must explore!


03.18.20 – 06.19.20

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Cruise Poem C16

Some people cruise so
They can complain, whine and get
Angry with others –
Cause others they know won’t take
That crap from them any more




Copyright by Minh Tan on listed dated of completion.



Notes to this poem…

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