Haiku H259

No lover no joy
No lover no grief
Average Valentine’s Day



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Running Poem R089

Six lights on opposite shore
Blinking out of sync
Saying they’re lonely



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One of Many

I’m not half of this
Or part of that
Or some fraction of these
I am one of many
Unlike some
Who may be all of one
But only one



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Running Poem R088

No waves to be heard
Only a mild breeze
Wind and ocean in balance



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Running Poem R087

When the bells ring in
Twenty twenty-one
I’ll come out writing!



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Tanka T157

On days when big clouds
Are flying by in the sky –
I feel the world turn –
Forward or backward depends
On the day and way I look



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Running Poem R086

Many big clouds flying by –
Wonder where are the
Aliens going?



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Running Poem R085

I want AI to –
Know me better than –
Anybody else knows me



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Tanka T156

Love, fear, universe –
Happiness, sadness, friendship –
Imagination –
What are some words worth at least
A thousand pictures to you?



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Running Poem R084

What’s the value of
A word in pictures
On average would you say?



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Running Poem R083

In silence the acorns fell
The lightest of rain
From an oak trees sky



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Haiku H258

The United States –
Is only united on
Being divided



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