COVIDTRY Poem 09 (#staytheblazeshome)




There once was a land called Nova Scotia
Which’s Premier asked the people not to roam
In pandemic times of new corona
This is their tale to #staytheblazeshome!

To prevent the spread of CoViD-19
They had to stay inside, with some, alone
Until it was gone or came a vaccine
They all would have to #staytheblazeshome!

They could still explore the world, see others
Through Firefox, Facetime, Facebook, Skype, Edge, Chrome
Each one on their own, or all together
Connect with tech and #staytheblazeshome!

There were lots of other things to do, though
If folks did not have internet or phones
Arts, crafts, books, games, writing, music, puzzles
So much to help them #staytheblazeshome!

Now, of course, they had to go out sometime
But far too oft, and always with their phones
Through which Google tracked them day and night time
To show they did not #staytheblazeshome!

When the Premier saw this, he was livid
He got on TV, his mouth frothed with foam
Scolded those ignoring laws on CoViD
And told them all to #staytheblazeshome!

Right away, the message resonated
The world made memes, beers, songs, shirts, all things known
Ev’ry thing with what the Premier stated
His catchphrase hashtagged, #staytheblazeshome!

But unlike the virus that went viral
His scolding’s biggest impact was in tone
Worse and worse, the situation spiraled
Folks yelled, but did not #staytheblazeshome!

So he sent police to ticket people
For being where they’re not allowed to roam
Or too close in public, or too social
When they know well to #staytheblazeshome!

This worked well, and things reopened slowly
Each step with rules, enough to make a tome
To avoid more peaks and waves that’d only
Return them all to #staytheblazeshome!

So did Nova Scotians follow plenty
Enough to rid of CoViD from their home?
Will there be a Tales from CoViD 20?
One called You Did Not #staytheblazeshome!

Meh! For now, heed Nova Scotia’s screw-up
As detailed in this cautionary poem
To diminish such pandemics’ wallop
Right from the start, ye #staytheblazeshome!


04.18.20 – 05.17.20

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