Running Poem R104

Writing poetry –
In a different English –
Than I had been taught –
One not acceptable for
Anything except poetry


03.15.21 – 06.20.21

Rejected Poem X010

Is cleaning just transferring –
Dirtiness from one
Place to another?

03.13.21 – 03.26.21

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Running Poem R090

Haiku composed on the run
Are they as moving
As those writ while still?

02.28.21 – 03.13.21

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Rejected Poem X008

Is breakfast about fast break
Or breaking the fast
From the night before?



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Rejected Poem X007

Which of letters S or C
In SCENT is silent?
And do either smell?



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Rejected Poem X004

Would a truly perfect crime
Be truly perfect
If we knew of it?



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Rejected Poem X001

Double U or double V?
Which one should it be?
Can U see my point?



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Tanka T156

Love, fear, universe –
Happiness, sadness, friendship –
Imagination –
What are some words worth at least
A thousand pictures to you?



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Running Poem R084

What’s the value of
A word in pictures
On average would you say?



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Can the novel Coronavirus –
Be made into –
A novelette Coronavirus?

It seemed whomever
Called the Coronavirus “novel” –
Gave it a far more apt name
Than he could have imagined –
Given the long and complex stories
It’s generating around the world



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Harbourwalk Poem W408

What’s the opposite –
Of the term “vanishing point”?
An “appearing point”?
Or maybe a “Jesus” point?
Or how’s about a “Rome” point?



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