COVIDTRY Poem 04 (Tales from Covid)

Reading Tales from Ovid
To pass time from CoViD
But sans belovèd
I didn’t love it

Thus I underwent
In this room I rent
Suffering from zoocosis

From reader of verse
To writer of poetry
And from that traverse
Sprung forth my COVIDtry





Copyright by Minh Tan on listed dated of completion.



Notes to this poem…

“pass time from Covid” means I am passing time from the general stay at home order for people from the pandemic, not because I am infected with COVID-19.

Just a strange poem I came up with and composed while out on my run today, oddly enough, not while stuck inside… but maybe being stuck inside all that time has affected my mind on the run.

No. Thinking back of all the silly and brilliant things I have come up with during my runs over the past 2.5 decades. Absolutely not. That’s just how my mind run when I run. 🙂

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