Nude Poem N03

Robin, can you draw?
Or do you just want to see
Me posing naked?




Copyright by Minh Tan on listed dated of completion.



Notes to this poem…

The annotations below contain an artistic nude drawing of me by my friend Rob Cameron. It references the topic in the haiku, sort of as proof it did happen rather than for flaunting, lol. Please do not read on if you don’t want to see the drawing or don’t want to be reading it where you are currently.

I posed nude today for life drawing for the second time ever today, and got a chance to continue my Posing series of poems composed while posing nude. The first thing I thought of was a robin I saw in the window last time I posed nude.

I was in a pose known to Neo from the Matrix movie, getting ready to do engage in martial arts combat. The pose has the front hand sort of waving on the opponent to come forward towards the poser to take their best shot. During the middle of this 20 minute pose, a robin landed on the window sill outside and just looked in at me. It was cute, but the surprise was that it didn’t go anywhere any time soon, with some of the illustrators also noticing. As a result, I waved it on for a laugh. It could not get through the closed window, of course, but it still stayed to convince Rob to work it into the drawing. He just put it at my feet rather than on the window outside the drawing space.

Me with robin

While posing today, I thought of that robin, and what I’d have said to it if it came again. Unfortunately, it did not so all I got out of it was this haiku. 🙂

The N-series poems were composed while I posed nude for life drawing, being very still with excess mental capacity I must force myself to occupy with appropriate thoughts so nothing awkward would happen. 🙂


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